Testimonals on FAST

At FAST we are confident in the amazing, nurturing and safe environment that we provide.  We also feel it's important for potential new families to FAST to hear from existing families on how their experience with FAST has been.

"I am at the office facebooking the swimming alumni page and happened upon the FAST site. I saw your email and had to send you a quick note. Thanks so much for everything. Swimming was the stable foundation of my childhood. I think that it is responsible for the discipline that I needed in the Marines and in my education. Now that I'm turning 40 this year I'm reflecting back to where it all began. I saw your son last summer when I visited the pool with my wife. I was back for my 20th reunion. I talked with your son. Coaching is in the blood I guess. I'm a Chiropractor in North Carolina these days and teaching a little college on the side. I am of course a triathlete and open water swimmer like all the other fairport swimmers. Life is good. What you do makes successful adults." (Dr. Tyler Earnst)

"There are many defining decisions in a person’s life, but I can easily say that joining the Fairport Area Swim Team was the most important decision I have ever made. FAST helped me become the person I am today and led me down paths that I could not have found with it. I would be lying if I said I didn't love every second of my journey through Fairport. The best part about FAST is that it is so much more than a team. In 40 years I may not remember my fastest time in the 100 yard Butterfly, but what I will remember is how hard I worked and all of the lessons that I learned from the coaches and from my peers. The level of support is incomparable and the friendships that are made on the Fairport Area Swim Team are meant to last forever. Everyone makes each other feel so welcome and in matter of minutes it is easy to see that there is something different about this team. When I first walked in the doors of the Fairport pool I had no idea that walking back out at the end of the day would be such a challenge because once you get there you don't want to leave. There is no measure of how much FAST has altered my life and opened my world up to so many possibilities that I could have never imagined. There will always be a special place in my heart for the coaches, the swimmers, and the parents of this amazing family." (Alex Lapoint)

"Swimming for FAST has been a true adventure, full of hard work and dedication at the pool. The coaches know how to shape anyone to be an athlete, I lived this change myself and I´m very grateful to them. Fairport Area Swim Team is better described with four words: Quality swimming every day. I would not choose any other club." (Manuel Locken)

"Swimming for FAST was one of the best decisions I've made. I learned how important it is to stay motivated and to not lose sight of what I want out of swimming. I wouldn't have been able to achieve my goals or be prepared for college swimming without my FAST training." (Meghan Tyler)

"Joining FAST has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. The atmosphere at FAST is filled with the desire to succeed and the motivation to accomplish your goals, enabling everyone to reach their highest potential in and out of the pool. I owe a large part of my success as a swimmer and student to FAST and highly recommend it for everyone who wants to succeed not only in swimming, but also in school, in music, and in life." (Jeff Doser)

"...A friend of mind did some swim lessons with FAST and she was very pleased with her daughters improvement."
(FAST Swim School Customer)

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